Happy Anniversary Terry


Well here we are – 17 years of marriage today. I am so lucky to have had Terry in my life. I have put here through an awful lot – I haven’t always been the easiest person to live with plus the heart attack in China, plus living in China for that third year, plus the move to Penticton plus who knows what else. She has stuck by me through all of that and I cannot thank her enough.

On the other hand we have had some great adventures and seen an awful lot of the world, both on our own and with friends and family. We have spent time with family in Calgary, Trochu AB, Reston MB, Leesburg Fla and even Lake Havasu, AZ! We have travelled with Ken and Sheila, Nancy and Rich, Karen and Mal, Cindy and Gary, Ria and Scott, and Lynne and Martin. We have been to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, the U.S. (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho), Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) to Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, France, Italy, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam), to China (Jiaxing, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanking, Guilan, Ningbo, Xiamen, Xian and the train across to Tibet where we saw Lhasa, Xigaze and The Turquoise Lake). We have seen the North and South Islands of New Zealand (visiting with Terry’s wonderful family there) Hong Kong and Kowloon, Taipei and Tainan in Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur.

I’m exhausted just thinking of all of it. Our next year will take us to more exotic destinations with more good friends. We are truly blessed in what we have seen and done. Here are a few photos of some of what we have seen. Thank you Terry – I love you so much.

Port Coquitlam2


9 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Terry

  1. Jas Sandher

    Hello you two wonderful people.
    Great to hear from you. Yes you two have travelled a lot, enjoyed every moment and tackled challenges.
    Geoff I am impressed with what you said about the 17 years together.
    May god continue to bless you two with good health and a world of happiness. All the best in 2018

    Jas & Kami

  2. Riitta Ivison

    What a beautifully written post to share with those that know you.
    Congrats to you both for having such a fulfilling life together.
    Lots of happy times to you both in the coming years and more exciting places to visit.
    All the best!

  3. Violet Javerina

    Nice blog, Geoff. A very nice tribute to your love for Terry. Pictures of Terry are beautiful. Happy anniversary to you both. 🙏👍♥️

  4. Robert Bevis

    Happy Anniversary! We miss you in China but glad to see you are so happy in Penticton. Cheers Rob, Shelley, Matthew and Xander


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