Our Spanish Inquisition

Eight days in and almost all we have seen in the sunny Algarve is rain and clouds. This is highly unusual and was nice right up until we got here. Go figure. Memories of San Jose, Cyprus, Budapest and likely many other places which hadn’t had rain until we arrived. We decided to take off to sunny Spain, plus I was going to do the Caminito Del Rey walk. “Caminito del Rey is an air path built into the walls of Gaitanes Gorge, Spain. It is one of the most impressive and dangerous mountain trails in the world.”

We are going to Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada.

Stop One. We arrive in Sevilla and after a bit of a delay we get into our AirBnB. We begin our wandering and wind up at Vineria San Telmo a tapas restaurant. The meal was wonderful, but we started with a drink. I had the wine – a bit of a short pour but Peter had a vodka and tonic. We got the owner, who was pouring, distracted and just kept going.


There had to be 3 ounces in that glass.

We wandered through the lanes and alleys for a while looking for the cathedral – largest gothic church in the world, 3rd largest church in Europe and 4th largest church in the world.


Interesting – The door on the right is the kitchen, the door on the left is the restaurant.

Rossina’s balcony, from Rossini’s Barber of Seville may not be as famous as Juliet’s in Verona, but it is still pretty cool.


The cathedral is also home to the final resting place of Christopher Columbus.


Cleaning the silver takes on a different meaning than it did when my Mom did it at Christmas time.


After that it was back to the AirBnB for a rest before venturing out to dinner. I decided to check with the tour company to be sure they would be picking me up at 8 the next morning and was informed that no, they wouldn’t be since the walk was closed due to the weather. I was really disappointed – I had really wanted to do it – really.

Dinner that night was, well, I chose the restaurant and it was clearly the wrong one. I later discovered that the one I had chosen, which had a very similar name and was just across the street had closed and a new one opened.


Terry thoroughly enjoyed her breadstick.

Next morning was more wandering. These oranges were just this way – no staging for the photographer.


Square trees on a city square.IMG_1467


Free oranges for the taking – you just may not want to try them alone. Perhaps as marmalade.


Some very cool hats. I wanted to buy a bright red one with a flat brim, but was told no.


They have some very interesting public benches. The design on this one mirrored the nearby bridge.


The Plaza de Espagna was huge


and the bridges reminded me of some in Venice.


The flat water is a photography trick I am learning.


Our final stop for the day was for our required tacky tourist photo.

Now a brief story of our AirBnB. On our first night the hot water seemed to be less than hot. Tepid is the best description, but we thought that perhaps it was a whole building issue and we would wait until morning to say anything to Jorge. Morning came and still no hot water. We sent an email to Jorge and got one saying we needed to turn on the “thermos” in the front closet. I did that but still no joy and sent another email. Later we got a very apologetic response saying they had had to change the battery in the instant hot water tank. Who knew.

Now on the last morning in Sevilla I ordered an omelet for breakfast. That egg is about the thickness of a drink coaster and almost as tasty!

Now, it’s on to Cordoba.

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