Man Plans, and God Laughs

Last day in New York. We’ve had a great three days and today’s plan is Bowie in Brooklyn and then the United Nations Headquarters, giving up on the Empire State Building. You know what they say about plans – see title.

Everything starts well – I figure how to get us out to the Brooklyn Museum by subway. Looks very simple on the map. Get off at Grand Army Plaza stop, walk 10 minutes from the stop and voila! Subway blasts right through that station, then Eastern Parkway, then Franklin and finally stops at Nostrand – a 45 minute walk. Good plan #1 gone wrong.

Finally get to the Bowie retrospective. We’re told we can go in at 12:30 and line up along with a lot of other people. The problem is many fold. No photos allowed, the first room is quite small, there are many small exhibits, lots of people from the groups before ours are still there, the room is packed and I’m getting claustrophobic almost immediately. Good plan #2 gone wrong. I tell Terry I’ll meet her at the end and start making my way through. I like Bowie, but looking at diaries he kept when he was a teenager or sketches he did in his twenties just don’t interest me. It was interesting to see some of his costumes though. The technology was also interesting. You are given a headset and as you approach a display it automatically kicks over from the previous one and tells the story.

There were a number of other really interesting exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum as well. One was “The Dinner Party” by Judith Chicago. If these photos are of interest to you I encourage to take a look at the link and if you get to New York please go.

Then came a HUGE mistake. I checked with Google maps and it was only a 1 hour 40 minute, 11km walk back to the UN building and we had lots of time so off we went, and went and went. After about 2 hours and 7km in 85 degree heat we were exhausted and luckily a cab pulled up to drop someone off and we jumped in. Good plan #3 gone wrong. By the time the cab gets to the UN, it is closed and all the flags are down. Sigh. Good plan #4 gone wrong.

Across the street, however was this gentleman.

He had some kind of chant going on and was talking to the drivers as they went through the light.

We trudged the last 10 long blocks to the hotel to collapse and then shower and go to our last dinner in New York City. One think we noticed was how the garbage is done – at least in midtown Manhattan. Each night all along the sidewalk are large green garbage bags or clear recycling bags – maybe up to 15 or 20 in a stretch. Then the trucks come through at night and pick the stuff up. Apparently, though, it isn’t just garbage they will pick up.

We had a great last dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant.

The woman below (and her older male companion) were on the verge of becoming part of our secondary blog, but then we got into a great conversation, with her companion apologizing for their president. They were both really nice. On the other side was a family of three from Dublin who were also shaking their heads at American politics.

Tomorrow it is off to Boston and Paul Simon and what will turn out to be 54,504 steps or 32 Kms of walking our feet off in 2 days and an evening.

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  1. David Adolf

    Geez! I thought you were going to Brooklyn to a concert, not some goofy museum exhibit. Not sold on Bowie.


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