Our Sightseeing Safari

I have not necessarily been negligent on writing blogs but rather we have not had any kind of decent wifi since we left Johannesburg, so I am about to try and catch up.

Day 1 and we are off. We head for Panorama Ridge where Shaun – have I mentioned Shaun? Well let’s get that out of our way. Shaun is our guide for our South African safari. He is every inch of 6’5 and, well let’s just say that I have noticed at least three (not including Terry and Cindy) women of various ages checking him out! He has a fabulous personality (we have learned a new phrase – “Just chillax, everything is good”) and wonderful sense of humour. We are having a great time with him already.

Anyway, back to Panorama Ridge. Our first stop is, Panorama Ridge. There are few stories but here are some photos. Unfortunately it was quite a hazy day – due to recent rains! The Watts strike again, alleviating another drought stricken area.

No picking the flowers or swimming (on the top of a cliff?) but please feel free to use the handrail or fall off.

Just one of the many new friends we have made

Three views from what is called God’s Window. Sorry about the haze.

Bourke’s Potholes at Blyde River Canyon – the start of third longest canyon in the world

Four intrepid travellers

Wherever music plays you will find Terry.

Not much height difference.

Some waterfall shots

Lisbon Falls

Berlin Falls

That’s it for now. we are getting back to Capetown soon so I will write more tomorrow – and it’s all about the animals, baby.

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  1. wendy wilson

    So very very interesting. I have been to Kenya some twenty plus years ago and rate it as the best experiences I have had. Looking forward to your safari with the animals. And thanks to both of you for sharing all these fabulous trips with the rest of us. Wendy


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