“You’re Going to Namibia? It is a Postcard”

Here’s the problem with going on safari to places where access to the internet is sketchy. First of all there is so much going on, it is tough to find time to write about everything. Second, even when you do you can’t post for the thousands and thousands of people who follow a blog toContinue reading ““You’re Going to Namibia? It is a Postcard””

Some Things Just Can’t Wait

Some things just can’t wait, so this post is a little out of order. However, I think (hope) you will enjoy it. Our flights home consist of: (all times local times) Johannesburg to Addis Abada leaving 11:00pm arriving 5:05am – 5hr flight time Addis Abada to Seoul leaving 11:35pm arriving 4:55pm – 10:40hr flight SeoulContinue reading “Some Things Just Can’t Wait”

Now where was I – and where are we?

So the last blog was written on the road from Etosha National Park and Windhoek where we stayed the night. We are now back in Johannesburg after an eventful time at the Windhoek Airport – more on that in a subsequent blog. Anyway, after the sighting of the lions and their kill, we were offContinue reading “Now where was I – and where are we?”