Brunch? You Get Brunch?

The morning after the leopard sighting we are out for our morning game drive. Did I mention that morning game drives start at 6am so you are up at 5:30 or so. This means, of course, that there aren’t any late nights, which at our age isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One of the cool things you get are fantastic sunrises.

Wow. Just wow

Plus you get to see cool spiders.

This is a close up – we didn’t get too close.

We couldn’t get out of the vehicle too much, but Shaun said Terry could get out to check a footprint we saw. This is an elephant’s rear footprint – and Terry doesn’t have what one could call a petite foot.

An elephant footprint and Terry’s foot

We saw lots of animals including a herd of about 25-30 wildebeests. These two were very curious about what they were seeing.

Totally placid – much like myself.

Now I have a photo of something else we saw just before these two characters. Shaun is driving along and hits the brakes. He says that there is a new zebra nearby. We ask how he knows this. “That is VERY fresh zebra afterbirth there. ” Terry won’t let me post the photo, but for those who want to see zebra afterbirth send me an email and I’ll fire it off to you.

Next we stop and Shaun says he has a surprise for Terry and Cindy.

Our fantastic hosts at Nyeliti – Donovan and his lovely wife – Lee-Ann.

I mentioned to Shaun in the first couple of days that the whole purpose of this was to celebrate Terry’s 65th birthday in May and that Cindy was also celebrating her birthday. He then arranged to have a special brunch set up in the middle of the reserve for us. It was fantastic.

Champagne and OJ to start

Exquisite food – the cinnamon buns were incredible. Thanks Lindsay!

Fabulous company – please ignore the goof 2nd from the left

What a tremendous surprise.

After brunch is was off to see a few more critters.This is the Lavendar Crested Roller.  He is perhaps the most beautiful bird we saw on the safari.  Later on I’ll post a photo of one in flight.

Impalas are so cute – but they are also on the menu for almost every animal around. Thus there are and awful lot of them.

Cool Weaver nests

Then it was back to our bush camp – locally known as Nyeliti.

Our Home away from Home

Our humble abode for three days and nights

It’s a tough life but…

In the evening we were out again looking for more game. We saw another giraffe with another bird

Apparently this rhino had been released into the reserve from a neighbouring area. In order to protect him from poachers, his tusk had been cut off so that any poachers wouldn’t kill him.

It’s cool to cross a river in a Landrover.

Zebras are just as cool in black and white.

And another fabulous sunset



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  1. Petra Kintzinger

    I finally twigged to check your blog site, Geoff and have really enjoyed it! What a marvellous trip, and terrific pictures. I think it must have been a relief not to have adequate time or wireless for facebook – you were able to just stay in the moment the whole time.


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