And Now, The Big Wait

So now we are at the last half of our big adventure. Well, sort of. I was just finishing up processing the pictures and getting ready to write, when I accidentally knocked my computer off the low coffee table and damaged the usb flash drive that holds all the pictures. They think they can recover the data – ie the photos but it had to be sent away for a couple of weeks. Until then, please keep your fingers crossed and say many prayers that the data can be saved.

Until then, ….





A lot of nothing.

4 thoughts on “And Now, The Big Wait

  1. Lois

    Have faith. I got into a canoe improperly in Costa Rico, dumping Gerry and his camera into the lake. Visualize the movie, Deliberance with ithe arm coming out of the water, only it was Gerry holding his camera!
    THEY SAVED THE PHOTOS …including the dive into the lake.


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