The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Soweto…

Subtitle – Remembering Sam Today was the day I had been looking forward to for some time. I always wondered what Soweto (South West Township) was like. We have all heard the stories of the riots of the late 1970s and the incredible violence which occurred then, starting with the murders of 15 year oldContinue reading “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Soweto…”

The 10,000 Most Walkable Cities in the World…

and Johannesburg didn’t make the list. A few years ago we were in Seminyak, Bali and we commented on the “quality” of the sidewalks – see below This is why it is dangerous to walk the sidewalks of Semanyak.[/caption] Here’s the thing though – Seminyak HAS sidewalks. We were out exploring yesterday and many partsContinue reading “The 10,000 Most Walkable Cities in the World…”

Just Another Trip Around The World – Day 1

Well here we go again, off on another wild adventure. And off to a good start we are. Terry forgot her noise reducing earphones at home, I forgot a firearm I was supposed to deliver from Penticton to Coquitlam, Terry’s phone didn’t make it from the car to the airport and the first of theContinue reading “Just Another Trip Around The World – Day 1”

A (Mostly Pictorial) Walk in History

We leave New York via train and four hours later we’re in Boston. First stop is at Clover Restaurant since we are quite famished! I order a meatball sandwich and the server says something about infused something or other. A little light goes off in my head – “This is a vegetarian restaurant, isn’t it?”Continue reading “A (Mostly Pictorial) Walk in History”

“It’s the Buildings, St@$^d”**

(** Thanks to Bill Clinton) First of all, does anyone else out there get booked into rooms for the physically challenged as often as we do? No jacuzzi tub for weary walkers. And while we are on subject of washrooms, the Solomon D. Guggenheim Museum apparently doesn’t want you lingering in their’s. Anyway, on toContinue reading ““It’s the Buildings, St@$^d”**”