Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Well, well just when you think you are learning things, you receive a great big shock. Remember the title of the last it should have been post – I An bhfuil Tar, Been buailte Chun Mo Glúine agus Tite i Grá – Ah Ireland Well, according to long time Irish person Lynne it actually translatesContinue reading “Don’t Believe Everything You Read”

I An bhfuil Tar, Been buailte Chun Mo Glúine agus Tite i Grá – Ah Ireland*

(Ed. note: I started this post on Sunday while cruising on the River Shannon. After 31 hours of wakefulness from Monday morning to Tuesday night, 10 hours of sleep and a visit to the office, I will continue from our soon to be vacated home in Jiaxing.) Last week I told you about the firstContinue reading “I An bhfuil Tar, Been buailte Chun Mo Glúine agus Tite i Grá – Ah Ireland*”

Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm”…….and “Yay!”

Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm” April 20th we went with the entire staff and our student body to a place where, we were told, we could have a mass BBQ. It was not our idea because what do we know about such places; however, it was terrific—fun, educational and with lots of food. SoContinue reading “Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm”…….and “Yay!””

The BC Lions Come to Jiaxing

(Ed. note: For those of you who have been undergoing Express withdrawal, fear not. In the next short period of time you will be saying, “Not another #$%^&*g one”) In this issue: Spread those legs and Not in my seat you don’t Who makes these? Your friendly neighbourhood dry cleaner Call the cops The EducationContinue reading “The BC Lions Come to Jiaxing”

From Outfits to Shoes and All the Sights in Between

Hello. How have you all been since last we chatted? We have been well, thank you. You may have surmised that we are leading quite a sedate life here in Jiaxing, given the increasing infrequency of blog postings, and you would be correct. It now takes a couple of weeks for enough TIC moments toContinue reading “From Outfits to Shoes and All the Sights in Between”

The Philippines Adventure Goes Native

It’s official—I’ve gone native. After nearly a month in the tropics and a week at a private island resort, I find myself drawn to the shell covered paper towel boxes in the loo off the restaurant. Surely this is a sign. No daily shampoo and blow-dry in the morning, no make-up, little jewelry, just swimsuitContinue reading “The Philippines Adventure Goes Native”