Final Impressions

Well this is it. Our final blog from Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. (Ed. Note: Not necessarily to be interpreted/confused as the final blog posting.)  I debated a long time about what to call this – The Final Chapter, #342 In The List, The Last Hurrah, The Last Good-bye/Blog/Picture Show,  (Ed. note: Strangely enough, the last two times IContinue reading “Final Impressions”

Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm”…….and “Yay!”

Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm” April 20th we went with the entire staff and our student body to a place where, we were told, we could have a mass BBQ. It was not our idea because what do we know about such places; however, it was terrific—fun, educational and with lots of food. SoContinue reading “Things that make me go, ”Hmmmmm”…….and “Yay!””

Geoff Writes a Bad Word – I Guess

A little story for you to shake your head at and some leftover photos. Our good friend Tim from South Carolina turned us on to a guitarist named Joe Bonamassa awhile ago. In my limited knowledge about music talent i.e. I have none, he is fantastic. I bought his Live album and play it –Continue reading “Geoff Writes a Bad Word – I Guess”

Meanwhile, back in the salt mine

In the midst of this spectacular Chinese medical care we have received, we still find reasons to smile and think, “TIC!”  {In case you have forgotten, TIC = This Is China, the only plausible response to some experiences} I had a somewhat urgent mission at school.  Some of our grade 12s are applying to AmericanContinue reading “Meanwhile, back in the salt mine”

A return to Normal (Normality? Normalcy?)

(Ed. note: I think it is time to get back to the “regular” blog topics, don’t you? Enough high drama. Except for an irregular update or two on my progress and perhaps some information about my upcoming scheduled appointment to see the surgeon, we will return to where we were before all of this happened).Continue reading “A return to Normal (Normality? Normalcy?)”

Tales From the Madhouse Volume 2

(Ed. note: Anecdotal and pictorial remnants from Jiaxing Hospital #1) Lunch at #1 Hospital At 6:18am, 11:18 am and 4:18pm the meals are delivered to the nurses’ station. The woman serving yells out – and I mean YELLS – out something and all the caregivers come scurrying out of the rooms to get the meals.Continue reading “Tales From the Madhouse Volume 2”

I Return Home – From the Hospital and the Dead

(Ed. note: Here’s my problem. When one has a near death experience, which, according to Terry and the doctor I did, do I become irreverent and glib about it or do I take a long look about how I write these blogs.) As you know by now, Saturday October 18 wasn’t exactly how I hadContinue reading “I Return Home – From the Hospital and the Dead”

Things You Won’t See in Canada

I have written about characteristics of Chinese culture that can be a little hard to live with at times, but today I want to extol some Chinese virtues. True, patients have to provide a lot of services that we take for granted in hospitals but consider the following: From the moment George heard our predicament,Continue reading “Things You Won’t See in Canada”