I’m in The Cloud Today

Quite literally, I’m in a cloud. The humidity has been super high since morning and now, approaching 1:30, (Ed.note: Hey, aren’t you supposed to be WORKING?!) we are in to a full-blown monsoon. It’s the rainy season in Jiaxing, an understatement if there ever was one. It has been a busy yet relaxing week. We’ve finishedContinue reading “I’m in The Cloud Today”

TIC 2…or is it 3 or 4?

Saturday morning in Geoff’s office.  I’ve taken over the computer while he makes his daily observations and chats up the barristas who all know his name and how he likes his coffee.  Four of our grade 10 students sit at the corner table doing homework–yes, they are studious but in class not nearly as obviously. Continue reading “TIC 2…or is it 3 or 4?”

The Women of Starbucks, Shanghai and Other Tales

First some stories, sans photos. The women of Starbucks Many of you who have followed the blog from the beginning will remember Ms Sour Face who never, ever smiles. She was in a relationship, then out, then in and then out. Well this week her fella came in with her – once. And then heContinue reading “The Women of Starbucks, Shanghai and Other Tales”

Wasn’t that a party!

Saturday night and our presence was required at the school cafeteria for the annual Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) dinner at 5:18 precisely.  Why this time?  Many, many traditions occur because the sounds of some words are similar to other words, which have a positive meaning.  So for example, the word for fish–yu–sounds theContinue reading “Wasn’t that a party!”